Neeks Approved – My Thanksgiving Game Plan 🦃

Thanksgiving is the one holiday any person concerned with their diet is most afraid of. That’s why this year, I’m going into the holiday with a solid game plan.

  1. Eat my normal meals leading up to dinner.
  2. Eat an egg white omelette (or a protein shake) before heading over, followed by 32 oz. of water.
  3. Get there and snack only on veggies while holding a red cup full of water.
  4. Allow myself to nibble on three things that look incredible!
  5. For dinner, make a plate with only things that look amazing that won’t make my stomach hurt when mixed.
  6. Nothing on my plate can touch, and I will only fix one plate.
  7. Drink another 32 oz. of water after dinner and wait for it to digest.
  8. If I feel like it, I’ll have 1/2 to 1 small serving of dessert and call it a day!

#Perspective on What a Typical Plate Might Look Like…


If you like this idea and want to join me, screenshot this plan, enjoy your meal, and then post your thanksgiving plate on social media and tag me @neeks93 (make sure your page isn’t private). I’ll repost and share your victory!

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