Hi, I’m Neeks!

I’m an engineer, an athlete, and a nutrition nerd. Over the past few years, this combination of attributes has caused me to experience a major transformation in terms of my eating habits. This website will give you an inside look at my ongoing journey and will provide tips and tricks on how you can experience a similar lifestyle change.

Neeks genuinely cares about helping people, not only become educated about fitness, but about nutrition and healthy eating habits in general. She has even taken the time to research things and send me quality information to help me learn. Truthfully, she is the real deal…

– @misspennyleigh

I absolutely love your eBook. You made it very easy to understand for the novice or beginner and have in-depth info for all. I really love how you took the time to make meal cheat sheets and really explain food industry deception!

– @guerrillawarfair