13131172_10208896558633412_5998772376866833184_oA Word From Neeks

My name is Nika Sedghi and I am a full-time mechanical engineer living in San Diego, California. I have been bodybuilding with Team Titan Fitness & Nutrition since June 18th, 2016. I started my athletic career as a Division 1 NCAA athlete at San Diego State University playing water polo and transitioned to bodybuilding shortly after I graduated.

My athletic success hasn’t always come easily, however.   After college, I struggled with my weight and didn’t always have the most disciplined eating habits. I’d go through periods of intense lower-calorie “plans,” experience setbacks or “eff it” moments, would binge eat, and found it very difficult to keep weight off.

Eventually, I knew I had to make a more drastic lifestyle change and this time, I wanted professional help. I signed up for my first bodybuilding show and committed myself to a 20+ week prep. I lost about 40 lbs., received 1st place in my show (LA FIT Expo), and most importantly started to research and understand ways to build lean muscle by flexible dieting. And get this, I did this entirely on a natural diet – due to my heart issues, I focused my energy on eating healthy balanced meals, with an emphasis on benefiting from all the foods nature provides us.

Here’s a look at that transformation. I started with Team Titan Fit on July 18th, 2016 and went from 180 lbs to a stage weight of 141 lbs by March of the following year.


My Purpose

thumbnail-e1511194490172.jpgI’ve learned a lot from my life experiences (how to reverse diet out of a show, how to enjoy occasional “treat meals” without going overboard, how to maintain my disciplined diet and still enjoy social gatherings, etc.) and am still learning new things each day on how to improve myself. This website was created as a way to share my ongoing journey with you and above all else, help individuals who might be experiencing similar struggles or would benefit from a helpful guide to nutrition basics.

I like to lead by example and make sure people do things right…no extreme diets, just what I like to call “lifestyle changes” that encourage you to eat clean to fuel your body right and find a work out routine that fits your needs. You might be surprised as to how easy it is to incorporate these lifestyle changes into your own routine.

There is one major constant in my life when it comes to setting goals: when I set my mind to accomplishing something, nothing holds me back. I’m not afraid of hard work and I have the work ethic and determination of a military general. Now, I’m ready to incorporate those skills into helping you meet your goals!

My eBook

During the Summer of 2018, I published my very first eBook, Outsmarting Your Brain with Nutrition Basics. A book that’s designed to introduce beginners to nutrition basics, provide detailed explanations for more advanced users, and give my followers a one-stop source for all of my most common tips and guides. This book is my bible, and I’m so happy to say that it’s already helped dozens of individuals to break their old dieting habits and live a more healthy lifestyle.

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The eBook isn’t a meal plan or a document that’s going to tell you how much you need to eat. I was not paid to create it or promote any products. It is simply a compilation of some guidelines and practices I recommend to start living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Consider reading it before you start another 30 day detox, 60 day transformation, or pay for another coach to write you a meal plan before you are able to handle that kind of commitment and succeed long term!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me just a tiny bit better!