mission statement

Born and raised in San Diego, Nika Sedghi is a full-time mechanical engineer with a passion for fitness and nutrition. By combining her meticulous attention to detail as an engineer with her discipline and dedication as a bodybuilder, Nika is changing diet industry standards, helping every day people regain control of their health and inspiring them to get fit. 

As a collegiate athlete with poor eating habits and a heart condition, Nika experienced the difficulties of weight gain and the frustrations associated with restrictive diets and a lack of results.

In order to help others with similar struggles, Nika posts #NeeksApproved reviews every day on her Instagram stories (follow her @neeks93), she writes blog posts on her website complete with helpful resources and #NeeksTips, and recently published her very first eBook as a means of eliminating the confusion associated with nutrition and providing individuals with the tools they need to meet their maximum potential. 

In doing all this, Nika hopes to teach the basic fundamentals of nutrition and help individuals outsmart their brain (and the food industry), feel in control of their health, and ultimately achieve a true lifestyle change.

Publications and interviews