When I completed my first show and was no longer on a strict diet, I was extremely nervous. Was I going to fail and gain all my weight back? Was I going to revert to my old habits? These were fears I had and eventually resolved with the help of a little education and support and guidance from the people in my life.

I know the importance of having an accountability partner and a supportive community when going through life changes and I’d like to offer that to each and every one of you.


how to reach me on social media:

Step 1

Tag @neeks93 in a post.

Step 2

Use one of the hashtags listed below.

Step 3

Wait for my response. 😉


  • #NeeksApproved – For all nutrition label questions;
  • #NeeksMadeMe – For anything I inspired you to do;
  • #NeeksNation – To see what kind of tribe we can build together!

Note: Make sure your account is public for me to see it!


As an added bonus, I am inviting anyone that has purchased my eBook to join a closed group on my Facebook Page, “Ebook Health & Wellness Community Support Group.” This is a place where we can all interact more closely, share tips, ask questions, and support one another in reaching our goals!

Bottom Line: My number one goal with this website and eBook is to educate and inspire. I promise to work hard each and every day to do that for you all.

If you appreciate the content on my social media pages, value the fact that I never try to sell a product for a commission, always “keep it 100” with you guys, and gain knowledge from my #NeeksApproved nutrition label breakdowns and grocery store walk-throughs…it would mean the world to me if, in return, you would help me extend my reach by posting your comments or questions for me on your Facebook or Instagram by tagging a story or post with my handle, @neeks93.