1. How is your nutrition method different than any other attempt at weight loss?

This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Through this website and my eBook, my job is to educate you and explain the ‘whys’. You are running the show 100%. And as a result, your progress and results are completely up to you, also.

If you can push yourself to eat more clean meals throughout the week, DO IT. If you can work out more frequently, DO IT. But if you feel like you’ve tried to do this in the past and haven’t made much progress, perhaps it’s time to pause, reflect, and try something new. My eBook is a great place to start.

If you’re the type of person that can master nutrition guidelines, are able to make it to a higher level of fitness, and want to take your body to the next level, then I would highly recommend paying a professional to dial in that last bit with a 12-16 week meal plan.

2. What’s Neeks Approved?

“Neeks Approved” is a phrase I use to tell my followers whether or not a particular food item is up to my nutrition standards and can be consumed regularly. However, it’s also important to exercise your best judgement with these selections. Remember, no food is off limits and if treating yourself every once in a while will help satisfy your temporary cravings and help keep you on track to meeting your goals, by all means “treat yo self”! What’s important is to always consider the big picture. And when it comes to my #Neeks Approved nutritional breakdowns, my job is to help put that big picture into perspective for you.

3. Are you getting paid to feature any items on your blog or ebook?


I am not getting paid, do not regularly share “Neeks Discount Codes,” and am not receiving any commissions on any products featured! I am blessed to have a solid career outside of fitness as an engineer and I simply want to break this standard in the fitness industry.

Paid promotions are not real or organic and I never want you to question if I’m telling you to buy a product because I am getting a cut from it. Please know that all of the products I feature are chosen because I truly use and recommend them. By featuring products on my website, eBook, and on my social media platforms, I hope to educate you and share things that helped me succeed and let you pick for yourself!

4. How often do you prep your food?

I personally like to bulk prep my foods on Sunday and measure out meals every night for my following day and then again when I run out in the middle of the week.

5. How many meals should I eat?

If you are a beginner, I think a goal of 3 balanced meals and 2 snacks a day seems realistic, but again you are the one in control here! My biggest tip is to listen to your body as it will help guide you best for a general healthy lifestyle plan.

6. What kind of workouts should I be doing? And how often should I do them?

You guys know I love strength training, but again, the type of workout and the frequency is up to you! If you hate running, don’t run. If you hate spin class, don’t do spin! The key is to find a workout you will enjoy and most importantly, look forward to and do! Also, do not ever discredit the power of walking during your lunch break…that’s a GREAT start!

For beginners, I recommend the following: If at first you don’t go to the gym at all, but instead choose to dial in your nutrition that’s still a huge step in the right direction. Next, consider adding in some weight training 1-2 days a week, as well as a few walks during the week, until you find an enjoyable routine you can stick to. Over time, you can work up to a solid 3-5 days a week of strength training and moderate cardio, as needed, with a huge smile on your face. (Spoiler Alert: Results are addicting and the gym becomes your fun and happy “you time.”)


Yes! I look forward to any opportunity to make an impact and extend my reach. For more information on speaking engagements, click here.