Meal Prep: Life Happened. I Ran out of…

Ran Out of Protein

Ran out of Chicken Breast (Lean Protein) Need 4 oz…

3 oz Can of Tuna in Water +  1 Light String Cheese Stick ( 30g P, 0g C, 2gF)

Turkey Breast cold cut (2.5 servings – Usually 4-6 slices per serving) (28g P, 0g C, 1g F)


*4 Slices per serving so in this case you would use 10 Slices ( # of Slices per Serving x 2.5)

Trader Joes (Just Chicken) ¼ of Tray ( 30g P, 0gC, 2g F)

Drink Flavored Egg Whites 1.25 Cups (32g P, 6gC, 0g F)

MPC Bulk Chicken Order ( 4 oz)

Ran Out of NY Steak or Salmon (Fattier Protein) Need 4 oz

4ish oz can of Sardines (in water) + 1 LightString Cheese Stick (28g P, 0g C, 11.5g F)

½ cup canned Trader Joe’s 14.75oz Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon (24g P, 0g C, 10g F)



½  6 oz can Wild Canned Salmon + Baby Bell Cheese Wheel (24g P, 0g C, 7g F)

Roast Beef cold cut (1.5 servings) (26g P, 0g C,4g F)


*Measure once on a food scale to see how many slices in a 2 oz Serving & multiply by 1.5

MPC Bulk NY Strip Order

Ran out of Carbs

Need 1/2 cup rice (approx. 23g carb) or 4 oz any potatoes (approx. 20g Carb)

Rice Cakes = 3 Original Plain, 2 Flavored Ricecakes

Fruit= Small apple, ½ lb Strawberries, small Banana



The one on the far left 

1/2  of this 16 oz or 1lb Pack 

Pre made Rice Packs (½ of either Minute Cups)


1/2 Cup


1/2 Cup

Turbo Cook Amount you need:

  • Microwave Cook Rice:
    • Scoop ¾ cup dry rice into the microwave-safe container or pot. Rinse a few times.
    • Add enough water to cover the rice by about 1″
    • Microwave on high for 4.5 minutes. Let rest covered (no peeking!) for 3 minutes before fluffing.

  • Microwave Cook Potato:
    • Scrub the potato, and prick several times with the tines of a fork. Place on a plate.
    • Cook on full power in the microwavefor 5 minutes. Turn over, and continue to cook for 5 more minutes.


Ran out of Veggies

Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Zucchini

Green Giant Frozen Veggies

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