Introducing: The “My Legacy” Mobile App!

How to Download the App for Free!

  1. Go to the following link on your mobile device: 📲 
  2. Enter your email address for the download PIN. (You only have to enter the PIN once!)
  3. “Add to Home Screen” from the Share Menu ⬆️

Why I created this App:

My biggest goal in life is to leave a legacy that’s worth leaving behind one day… Let’s just hope this app is a big part of that overall goal one day.

The problem with the fitness industry is that..

  • Slow & sustainable results DON’T sell programs or E-Books. That’s why you only see quick, unsustainable fixes;

  • Being honest & realistic with achievable goals is not desirable;

  • Diet pills & wraps are thought to be miracle workers because of a lack of interest of reading the fine print of any medical study supporting their claims;

  • Nutrition education is simply not there

  • Other apps like “My Fitness Pal” have many user added entries that are wrong or improperly represented depending on how that food item was prepared.

So at a bare minimum my goal with this app is to create a database of nutrition information that is accurate and most importantly “digestible” (no pun intended) by the general public. Most importantly, I wanted it to be free. That’s right, you can download my app for $0.00, no catch! 

I understand that not weighing & measuring every food item down to the gram will not be exact but have full confidence that these approximations are close enough to make A great enough impact on your overall health and wellness. 

I believe there is a huge knowledge gap between the way the USDA databases formally presented nutrition information & how people can actually apply that information. 

That’s why I started my Neeks Approved reviews on my Instagram years ago to simply put these arbitrary values (macro grams) in perspective in a way that allows the user to make a decision themselves about a meal rather than ever being told what to do.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along this journey! 

I made this app 👉🏼completely myself 😅 & I’m sure I’m going to find glitches & typos I’ll have to fix along the way 😬🤞🏽 So please bear with me! If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the app in the meantime, drop them in the comments below!

Love always,
Neeks ❤️

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