May 2020 Transformation

Hey everyone! So I did something last month that I want to share with you all. It’s a little crazy, a little nerdy, and VERY NEEKS. 🙃

I decided to give 30 days of full effort to my fitness & nutrition and promised myself I would ✏️📄 record as much data as possible along the way to be as transparent as possible with what I accomplished and exactly what it took!

As you can see, the photo shows a decent visual difference with 7️⃣ pounds being lost. But there is more to the story…

Here you see that when I flexed on the first day instead of standing relaxed you don’t see as much of a difference between the two photos. 

Wait, but HOW?

Visuals can be deceiving 😩. Because your starting point is a higher body fat %, there is more to lose and it may not be as noticeable to the naked eye. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to 😉 flex and make for a more drastic before and after photo! My point here is that what you see online in photos may be ✅ REAL RESULTS like mine but also potentially rigged like my first set of photos to 👉🏼 grab your attention). 

I lost a solid 7 lbs. and didn’t 🚫 have to manipulate 💧water, sodium, 🥔carbohydrates or add a ✨ filter to make for a good photo…..simply hard work & ☀️ imperfect consistency.

Also I would like for everyone to take a look at how much my weight fluctuated! 📉(It’s never linear we are HUMAN)

(click to enlarge)

💬 Important takeaways:

  • A calorie deficit is the ‼️ONLY ‼️important factor to successful weight loss (ways to achieve that more comfortably through your diet would include — 🥩keeping your protein intake high, keeping your 🍎fiber intake high, & by consuming whole foods that are nutrient dense 🥬over processed 🍪calorie dense foods!)
  • No ❌ macronutrients were discriminated against during this cut, there were 😍 no missed social events, no forbidden foods or any avoidance of high sugar whole foods!
  • There are two factors that go into establishing a calorie deficit for fat loss to occur: 1. Energy output 🚀(total calories your body burns) 2. Energy input⛽️ (total calories you consume)
  • I used my ⌚️Garmin fitness tracker to calculate my energy output & used My Fitness Pal 📲 to calculate my total calories consumed) — I would like to note that it takes an 🤓 experienced user to accurately use MFP to choose and log correct food items (ex: cooked vs uncooked entries, & food items that cannot be scanned)
  • I worked out 2 times a day 😈🔥 (cycling & Bootcamp) 5 days a week & commuted everywhere on my bike!
My logged workouts throughout the month.

My STAPLE Diet items: (simply the path of least resistance **not glamorous by any means)

  • Strawberry 🍓MuscleFeast overnight oats every single morning it’s simply my favorite
  • Two 5ish oz servings 🍗🥩of cooked protein from the MPC (chicken breast & Top sirloin) minimum in my day
  • Frozen 🥦 veggies, 🍠 potatoes, & 🍚rice
  • 1 lb of fat free greek yogurt or Low-fat cottage cheese with 🍒 berries + stevia drops. (YUP you read that correctly 1 pound! Volume wins when you choose wisely.)
  • Snacks: raw veggies, 🍿popcorn, loads of fresh fruit🍉


I’m 5’9.5” tall & weigh 183 lbs & my average calorie intake was around 1930 calories (some days I ate over and some days I ate under)

When you swipe through the slides above, what I want you to notice is that no day was the same! ✨ I simply ate to satiety and kept some mental nutrition “goals” to strive for!

I used to mentally feel like such a failure 😭when I wouldn’t hit my macros perfectly and stressed so much 😅🙈 about social gatherings that included food! Let me tell you, there’s more to life than tracking calories and trying to lose fat. 🥰 You can accomplish this without much effort ONCE YOU PUT IN THE WORK!

Unfortunately you 🤓 can’t rush the learning process and getting to this point has taken years of meal prep, years of tracking every calorie meticulously, & so many missed holidays eating with family!

Although I don’t believe you can rush the learning process; I do believe you can make it more enjoyable ☺️🙏🏼 and less mentally draining! That’s my #1 goal when I start teaching my nutrition course. I’m working diligently to create a one of a kind resource that simply presents the information in a super simple and very digestible way.

It will be providing you with the necessary tools to accomplish your own transformation! 🥳 Meaning you will finally be in full control of your health! I look forward to NOT taking credit for a single transformation that is made using these tools because 😎 THAT victory is going to be completely yours!

The best feeling is being able to accomplish controlling your weight and taking full credit for it! That is my promise to you!

Much love,


🏆 My Hope is that the real MVPs that made it this far can share this post & help me extend my reach! I will always keep it transparent — So PLEASE……ASK ANY questions in the comments!

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  1. Antonieta says:

    Girl, you’re a nerd!! Can’t believe you’ve done this with all the charts and stuff!!! You are a BADASS!! super admire you!! ❤️

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